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Erblich bedingter Haarausfall / Hereditary Hair Loss

Hereditary hair loss

Alopecia androgenetica

Alopecia androgenetica is the medical term used to refer to hereditary hair loss.

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Diffuser Haarausfall Frau / Diffuse hair loss woman

Diffuse hair loss

Hair loss on the entire head.

This refers to severe hair loss on the entire head.

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Alopecia Areata Mann / Male

Circular hair loss

Alopecia Areata

Distinct, progressive bald spots that can spread over the entire head.

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Haarausfall Frau Chemotherapie / Hair loss woman chemotherapy

Hair loss through chemo­therapy

The cytostatic drugs administered during chemotherapy result in the loss of head hair.

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Greasy scalp, itching, dandruff

Flaky dandruff, often also redness and itching on the scalp and in most cases hair loss.

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The right care after the hair transplant decides whether the hair grows well into place.

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How to recog­nise severe hair loss

What are the causes of in­creased hair loss and how can its pro­gression be pre­vented?

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Hair loss in women

Over­view of the most common causes of hair loss in women.

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Hair loss after preg­nancy

Where are the causes of hair loss during and after pregnancy and what can be done to remedy the situation?

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Verjüngung durch Thymusextrakt / Rejuvenation through thymus extract

Thymus extract - a rejuvenating elixir

Staying young, fit and healthy for as long as possible - a modern utopia? In fact, you can intervene in the process of aging in a more targeted and successful way.

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Beard hair loss

Possible causes and treatment options for hair loss on the beard for affected men.

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Hair loss during meno­pause

It is a fact that hormonal variations often result in short-term or permanent hair loss. Estrogen, for example, participates in regulating the growth cycle of hair.

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Seasonal hair loss

Certain hormonal changes occur within our bodies automatically as the seasons change, leading to hair loss.

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Can a shampoo help with hair loss?

If hair loss finally occurs, you have to do something. But what? Can shampoos for hair loss be a real help?

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Derma­tological styling

Thymuskin Structure Styling-Gel gives structure and natural fullness to hair in need of care.

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Different kinds of dandruff flakes

Dandruff is a widespread phenomenon. Affected persons know the psychological stress and uncertainty of constantly having to check their clothing for traces of white flakes.

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Schuppen / Dandruff

Thymus peptides: a small medical revolution

We spoke with the scientist and peptide expert Dr. Mimoun Ayoub about the special effect of thymus peptides on hair loss.

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Frau beim Dermatologen / Woman at dermatologist

Hair loss after ­Covid-19

Some people experience massive hair loss a few months after a Covid 19 infection. However, this is usually reversible.

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Hair Loss - Thymic peptides against hair loss

Positive effects & cosmetic tolerance of thymic peptides on hair loss re-confirmed: Current study of the University of Milano.

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Frau mit Haarausfall / Woman with hair loss

Hair care from dermatology

Healthy and well-groomed hair needs powerful growth, moisture and high-quality conditioning agents.

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From cigarettes to bald spots

The latest research results do infer that additional motivation could exist to stop smoking.

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Raucher / Smoker

Hairy chest but thinning on top - topless not by choice

Almost one man in two has to deal with hair loss at some point before the second half of their life begins.

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Thymuskin Wirkungsweise / Mode of action

Stimulate hair growth - for natural & healthy hair

If you want to promote your natural hair growth and strengthen weak hair at the same time, you literally have to get to the root of the problem - and that's exactly where the scientifically proven method of application with thymus peptides works.

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Care Tips: Keep Your Hair Looking Great in Summer

We have the care tips you need to ensure that your luscious locks can withstand all the exertions of the summer.

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Frau im Sommer / Woman in summer

Tearing your hair out – How stress and worry are involved in hair loss

Researchers know now that even hair and scalp are sensitive to excessive pressure and worry.

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Frau / Woman Stress

The right styling for hair loss

Beat receding hairline and suchlike with simple tips.

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Frau Blond

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Male with thinning hair

I am a man and I have sparse, thin hair. I'd like my hair growth to get thicker again. What can I achieve with Thymuskin?

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Schütteres Haar / Thinning Hair

Female, 40+, with stress

I am female, 44 years young, and have been suffering from increasing hair loss for about two months. I have thin hair, and I have had a lot of stress recently. What can I do to stop the hair loss?

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Haarausfall durch Stress / Hair loss through stress

Female, concurrent use of Minoxidil?

I am now 49 years old and have suffered from female pattern baldness since the age of 14. I have been using Minoxidil for women for three years. My question is now: can I use Thymuskin as well or instead in the long term? Should I take GKL Vital-Capsules in addition?s

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Haarausfall / Hair loss & Minoxidil

Male, hereditary, prevention possible?

I am a man and have the following questions about Thymuskin Classic Shampoo.

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Erblich bedingter Haarausfall / Hereditary hair loss

Male, thinning hair, androgenetic (hereditary)

The hair on my head is becoming thinner and thinner, although I no longer find any hairs in the sink after washing my hair. What advice can you give me?

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Immer weniger Haare / Thinning hair