Can a shampoo help with hair loss?

Stressed hair needs a lot of care. It is additionally stressed by internal and external influences. There are numerous influencing factors, such as sun exposure, malnutrition or hormonal stress, to name just a few.

If hair loss finally occurs, you have to do something. But what? Can shampoos for hair loss be a real help?

In short, yes shampoos can definitely help, even if the care with a special functional shampoo is only sufficient as a sole measure in a few cases. In most cases, further cause identification and treatment is required.

The task of shampoos is primarily the cleaning and care of the hair and scalp. For example, a care substance like biotin supports the formation of the protein keratin. Keratin is a main component of hair and so biotin contributes to the normalization of skin and hair.

In addition, there are special active ingredients that are able to act on the hair root, or hair follicle. These are the structures in the scalp that surround the hair root and anchor the hair in the skin.

Here, clinical research and many years of practice have shown that thymus peptides can have a regenerating and strengthening effect on the hair follicles. Thymus peptides improve the cell supply of the hair follicles, which supports the formation of new hair cells and significantly prolongs the growth phase of the hair.

Shampoo care is necessary but not always sufficient

However, the biological effects mentioned above are only relevant if the active ingredient also reaches the hair roots in sufficient concentration. Shampoos only succeed in doing this to some extent and are therefore only sufficient as a sole measure against hair loss in a few cases. For example, in cases of mild hair loss, regular use of Thymuskin Forte Shampoo may well lead to normalization. Furthermore, regular care with Thymuskin Shampoo can strengthen the hair permanently.

For all other cases of hair loss, we recommend the combined use of Thymuskin Shampoo and Thymuskin Serum. Thymuskin Serum is applied to the scalp and the active ingredient of Thymuspetide thus reaches the hair follicle through the hair canal.

The pH skin-friendly Thymuskin Cleansing & Conditioning Shampoos mildly cleanse the hair and scalp of dirt particles. This is an important prerequisite for the subsequent use of Thymuskin Serum. Other shampoos with unsuitable ingredients can form a film on the scalp and thus hinder the Thymuskin Serum from being absorbed.

The thymus peptide active ingredient GKL-02 contained in Thymuskin Shampoos prepares the scalp. This ensures the optimum effectiveness of the Thymuskin serum applied afterwards.

Choose the thymuskin shampoo that best suits your hair type

Strengthen your hair roots with a thymus peptide shampoo.

  • THYMUSKIN MED shampoo, especially for dry and sensitive hair - most common hair type in women. Contains a combination of mild surfactants, panthenol and wheat proteins that can moisturize dry hair structure and smooth roughened hair fibers.

  • THYMUSKIN CLASSIC Shampoo, especially for normal & oily hair - most common hair type for men. Especially suitable for thinning, thin hair. The care formula strengthens the hair without being heavy on the hair.

  • THYMUSKIN REGENERATION Shampoo, specially formulated for seborrheic eczema, oily hair/scalp and for oily dandruff. Contains the anti-irritant thymus peptide active ingredient GKL-02. The keratolytic properties (desquamating) are also supported by terpinene from tea tree, and willow extract with salycilic acid. This results in a synergistic (soothing, desquamating) effect suitable for scalp care. The plant active ingredient also reduces sebum production and delays the re-greasing of the hair.

  • THYMUSKIN FORTE Shampoo, specially formulated for damaged hair & hair in great need of care. A high content of the thymus peptide active ingredient GKL-02 as well as high-quality care substances counteracts supply deficits, which are typical in the case of long-term problems.

You’re unsure of the cause of your hair loss?

  • We recommend seeking professional advice from a medical professional in case of hair loss.

  • In addition, our interactive product finder helps you select the appropriate products.

  • Or describe your personal situation by e-mail to our hair consultation service.

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