Clinically tested effectiveness

Thymuskin is actively engaged in scientific research with repeated, convincing positive results found by dermatological clinics and university hospitals.

Since the very beginning we have cooperated with wellknown clinics, teaching and university hospitals in the field of hair loss and research into thymus peptides. You will find a list of examples of this below

Thymuskin Studie / Study Cover

Extracts from current study findings

The continuous improvement made by all test subjects in the context of the pull test shows that stimulating the hair follicle

  • supports the reduction in hair loss in the case of chronic telogen effluvium
  • clearly slows hair loss in cases of androgenetic alopecia

The thymic peptide active ingredient GKL-02 is biologically active and responsible for

  • the origin/formation of keratinocytes (cells which form the hairs)
  • stimulating the growth of the keratinocytes
  • ensuring the immunological homeostasis (equilibrium) of the skin

A positive long term effect was still observable three months after treatment. This can be ascribed to the stimulating effect of the thymic peptide active ingredient GKL-02 on the keratinocytes.

Dandruff, seborrhoea, pruritus (itching) and redness improved continuously in all test subjects up to the end of the 6-month treatment.

The effectiveness and tolerance of the Thymuskin preparations could be confirmed without reservations after 6 months.

Dermatologists of Italy, Donne Dermathologhe Italia DDI, Published 2009 in Journal of Plastic Dermatology (issue 5, Nr. 3, September December 2009), Official Organ of the International-Italian Society of Plastic-Aesthetic and Oncologic Dermatology (ISPLAD).

Cooperation partners in the field of clinics, universities and teaching hospitals

  • Academic Teaching Hospital of the Universities of Frankfurt and Heidelberg
  • City Hospital of Vienna-Lainz, Austria
  • Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg
  • University of Münster
  • Medical Academy Hannover
  • Medical Hospital of the Technical University Munich
  • German Cancer Research Centre Heidelberg
  • Dermatology Unit, University of Milan, Italy
  • Women Dermatologists of Italy (DDI)

Summary of clinical studies (extracts) in the fields of alopecia and thymus peptide research by the Klett-Loch group of companies

In accordance with the Heilmittelgesetz (Federal Act on Drugs and Medical Products) the scientific documents listed can only be viewed by experts. Private individuals who are interested can request the information from us free of charge via their doctor or pharmacist.

Literature on the oral administration of Thymrevit Regeneration Capsules with synthetic thymus peptides

  1. Field report on the administration for several months of the oral thymus preparation „Regeneration Capsules GKL-03“
  2. Observational study Synthetic thymus peptides

Literature on the topical application of Thymuskin hair shampoo and hair treatment

  1. Clinical study on the effect of a dermocosmetic preparation for local application based on synthetic thymus peptides for alopecia androgenetica and chronic telogen effluvium in women
  2. Topical therapy of androgenetic alopecia with a synthetic peptide library
  3. Thymuskin: New therapy approach for the treatment of alopecia androgenetica and alopecia areata
  4. Local therapy with thymus extract for alopecia areata totalis and universalis
  5. Summary report on the adjuvant local application of Thymuskin preparations in patients undergoing cytostatic chemotherapy
  6. New approaches in the diagnosis and therapy of alopecia in gynaecology
  7. Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical Oncology Thymuskin Hair Study Part I
  8. Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical Oncology Thymuskin Hair Study Part II
  9. Prof. Dr. med. Hagedorn Summary field report on the treatment of various forms of alopecia with Thymuskin
  10. Prof. Dr. Claus O. Köhler Different preservation of scalp hair during chemotherapy with various therapeutic agents
  11. Heidelberg University Hospital Women's Clinic Concluding report on the treatment of alopecia diffusa in women with the local therapeutic agent Thymuskin
  12. Thymuskin: Effectiveness, effects and hypothesis as to the effects

Documentation on the use of Sclero Discret for lichen sclerosus

  1. Treating genital lichen sclerosus with a synthetic thymus preparation an observational study
  2. On the treatment and care of genital lichen sclerosus findings of an observational study