2 steps to the right choice of Thymuskin Shampoo & Serum therapy-combination

Mix & Match: Thymuskin Shampoos & Serums can be combined with each other. We recommend seeking professional advice from a doctor in the event of hair loss.

1. Shampoo

Select the Thymuskin Shampoo that best suits your hair type.

CLASSIC: normal, oily and / or very thin and sparse hair
REGENERATION: regenerative care for scalp eczema (seborrheic) and / or oily hair / scalp
MED: dry, sensitive hair
FORTE: damaged hair, high care requirements

2. Serum

Select the right serum by determining the type of hair loss.

CLASSIC: against hereditary hair loss
MED: regenerative care for circular hair loss and / or diffuse hair loss
FORTE: regenerative care for hair loss due to chemotherapy or diffuse hair loss

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In a few steps to the right choice of Thymuskin Shampoo & Serum Therapy Combination

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