Male, hereditary, prevention possible?

Mann mit Haaren / Man with hair


»I am a man and have the following questions about Thymuskin Classic Shampoo:«

  1. From what age can I use the shampoo preventively, if androgenetic (hereditary) hair loss runs in the family?
  2. If I stop using the shampoo preventively, does the hair loss start again or get worse?
  3. Does it make sense to use the shampoo preventively even if I don't know if I will even get androgenetic hair loss? Although it really does run in the family?
  4. Does the shampoo have any side effects if used long-term?
  5. Does it have the same effect on androgenetic hair loss in women and men?

Answer 1

You can use Thymuskin at almost any age. However, we do not recommend that children under the age of 12 use Thymuskin Serum and Serum Gel, because there is no available data based on clinical studies or tests. In over 30 years, however, we have not recorded any cases of undesirable side effects in children, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.Thymuskin Shampoo can be used earlier, however, and is likewise free from side effects. Androgenetic hair loss manifests itself in different ways. In some people it begins very early, around 18 years of age, in others it starts later, when the hairline begins to recede at the corners. Therefore, we cannot give a general age recommendation particularly for preventive use of Thymuskin. We recommend that you ask affected family members when they showed the first signs of hair loss.

Preventive use of Thymuskin is in our experience the best protection against androgenetic hair loss. If male pattern baldness runs in the family, it is advisable to start as soon as possible at least with Thymuskin Classic Shampoo, which can be used for your whole life. This also applies to all the Thymuskin products. If you notice that more of your hair falling out at some later point, we advise that you use Thymuskin Scalp Serum as well, for at least three months. As soon as the situation has returned to normal, you can switch back to using just the Thymuskin Shampoo.

Answer 2

If Thymuskin Shampoo is used preventively, that is, not for acute hair loss, it is of course impossible to say when androgenetic hair loss would have started if Thymuskin were not used. If Thymuskin is used for hair loss and stopped after the situation returns to normal, it is very likely that hair will start to fall out again in the course of time. This is because there is no cure for androgenetic hair loss. The recommended strategy in this case is: take preventive measures early, stop existing hair loss promptly, and maintain and improve hair status.

Answer 3

See answer 1

Answer 4

No. In most cases, hair loss demands longer-term care and hair (follicle) treatment. This applies in particular to androgenetic hair loss. This is why it is particularly important to use an effective and side-effect-free agent against hair loss.

Answer 5

Yes, the effect is basically the same in women and men. However, higher rates of success are regularly seen in women. This could be because women generally use the products more carefully and consistently in comparison with men. Our recommended basic principle is therefore always: use less but frequently. Thymuskin Shampoo and Thymuskin Serum are concentrates. About 2 ml each time are sufficient in most cases.