Male with thinning hair

Lichter Haarbestand / Thinning hair


»I am a man and I have sparse, thin hair. I'd like my hair growth to get thicker again. What can I achieve with Thymuskin?«


Judging from the description and the hairline, this appears to be a typical case of androgenetic (hereditary) hair loss. It is always important to us to give our customers a realistic impression of the results that can be expected with Thymuskin hair treatment. It is possible for the hair to regrow as long as the bald patches are no older than 3-4 years.

It is also the case that the follicles can only form a limited number of new hairs, and therefore hair growth also may become more sparse with age. Not even Thymuskin can counteract this natural process.

But what Thymuskin can do is: maintain and strengthen the hair that is still there and activate new hair growth where it is still possible. How much the new hair regrows depends in turn on the condition of the follicle and whether it has already shrunk, because then the hair that regrows becomes increasingly thin.

There is no cure for androgenetic hair loss, so it needs long-term treatment and care. In this case it is important to use a hair (follicle) treatment agent that is effective and free of undesirable side effects.