Research News: Thymus Extract - A Rejuvenating Elixir

Staying young, fit and healthy for as long as possible - a modern utopia? In fact, you can intervene in the process of aging in a more targeted and successful way. The latest discoveries from anti-aging research show significant improvements.

Verjüngung durch Thymusextrakt / Rejuvenation through thymus extract

The aging of the body as an unalterable biological law: More and more scientific insights and developments seem to question this paradigm. They indicate that the biological clock can be turned back to a certain extent.

This is exactly what prestigious anti-aging researchers from the biopharmaceutical US company Intervene Immune are promising and consequently presented the results of their stunning TRIIM study. The study deals with the so-called "thymus rejuvenation", a rejuvenation of the organism induced by the thymus gland.

Mini-organ Acting as Immune Booster

The thymus gland, or "thymus" for short, is unknown to many people. The walnut-sized organ is located above the heart to the rear of the breastbone and weighs only 40 to 50 grams at very best times. Especially in childhood and adolescence, it is involved in the development of the immune system and is also responsible for the differentiation of T-lymphocytes as defense cells of vital importance.

Over the years as an adult, the thymus shrinks to up to six grams and transforms mainly into fat tissue. From the age of about 35, the gland barely produces any thymus peptides - amino acid compounds that are significantly involved in a differentiated immune reaction.

The accumulated reserves of immunological competence consequently decrease significantly from the age of 60 at the latest, thus leading to an increased risk of infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

TRIIM Study: Rejuvenation of the Thymus Gland and the Body

Against this background, the researchers tried to regenerate the thymus tissue in a series of experiments on male volunteers between the ages of 51 and 65.

The participants received growth hormones and sexual hormone-like substances over a period of 12 months. In fact, thymus tissue regenerated as a result. Additionally, the inflammatory markers in the blood decreased. The blood cells changed and adjusted to the status of younger people with regard to several factors.

In a nutshell: the biological age of nine male volunteers was turned back by about two and a half years according to the study report. The participants felt much more vital and even already grayed hair grew back in its original color.

Impact of Thymus Peptides on the Hair Root

However, these are not the first scientific findings on the effect of the thymus gland and its peptides on hair growth. Previous "research has shown that thymus peptides regenerate and strengthen the hair follicles, the very structures in the scalp that surround the hair root and anchor the hair in the skin", explains scientist and peptide expert Dr. Mimoun Ayoub.

The fact that thymus peptides in this way optimize the cell supply of the hair follicles is significant in two respects: On the one hand, the growth phase of the hair is extended and on the other hand the development of new hair cells is stimulated. The expected benefits are healthier and stronger hair as well as the stagnation of age-related hair loss. This is achieved without chemical substances and solely through the natural effect of thymus peptides. Consequently, there are no side effects to be feared within the application.

Formula of Thymus Extract Scientifically Approved

Thanks to the first results of the TRIIM study, the body's aging process is likely to be slowed down by the regeneration of the thymus gland. But until then, this pilot study will need to be complemented by further verifications and larger test series with high medical standards.

If you want to boost your natural hair growth, stop hair loss or simply strengthen your hair, you don't have to wait for a long time. The formula for thymus extract has already been deciphered by scientists: Thymuskin, a dermatological system to prevent hair loss, is available as a holistic replica of the natural thymus gland extract.

The peptide structure is similar to the natural structure - a so-called biomimetic concept. The positive effect is not attributed to individual peptides, but to the thymic peptide complex GKL-02 - a variety of peptides with natural effects such as Thymulin. The latter causes intensive stimulation of hair growth.

The successful mode of action of Thymuskin has been confirmed several times in scientific studies, including at university clinics. The latest medical developments have already made it possible to preserve or regain not only healthy and full hair but also an intact scalp.