Dermatological hair care & styling

Healthy and well-groomed hair needs powerful growth, moisture and high-quality conditioning agents.

The Thymuskin Balsam Intensive-Conditioner gives your hair moisture and shine with a long-lasting effect.

The Thymusin Structure Styling Gel stands for light, natural hold & hair strengthening care for thin and thinning hair.

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Balsam for the hair - and for the scalp

Dermatological hair care

The Thymuskin Balsam Intensive-Conditioner cares for and nourishes the scalp & hair. Especially longer hair becomes smoother and easier to comb.

  • Gives the hair shine and moisture with a long-lasting effect
  • Makes hair supple and easier to comb
  • Protects against harmful environmental influences

THYMUSKIN® BALSAM Intensive-Conditioner

The hair treatment for rinsing

  • Dry & sensitive scalp and hair in need of care
  • Dry dandruff and itchy scalp
  • After perm or hair colouring

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Thymic peptide technology

The thymus peptide active ingredient GKL-02 regulates the grease content of the scalp. The Thymuskin Balsam Intensive-Conditioner also contains avocado oil. This natural oil has an additional regulating effect on the grease content of the scalp and cares for the scalp and hair. At the same time, this makes the hair easy to comb.

As a conditioner

If things have to move quickly, 3 minutes are sufficient. Apply the Thymuskin Balsam Intensive-Conditioner to damp hair lengths - not into the hairline. Rinse your hair well after the exposure time. Afterwards use the Thymuskin Serum (optional).

As a cure pack

Massage the Thymuskin Balsam Intensive-Conditioner into your hair when your hair is still damp. Leave out the hairline. Depen- ding on the hair volume, an amount of around 20-cents-size (5-10 ml) is sufficient.

If your hair is particularly stressed, we recommend to extend the exposure time to 10-15 minutes. This makes the hair even smoo- ther and easier to comb. Rinse your hair well after the exposure time. Afterwards use the Thymuskin Serum (optional).

As scalp care

If you have a sensitive and itchy scalp, massage it into the hairline (scalp) and leave it in for 5-10 minutes. This promotes blood cir- culation. The contained nutrients regulate and care for the scalp on the long term. Rinse your hair well after the exposure time.

Subsequent use of the Thymuskin Serum is not possible with this kind of care. We recommend to apply Thymuskin Serum after the next hair wash.