Seasonal hair loss

Certain hormonal changes occur within our bodies automatically as the seasons change, leading to hair loss. The exact cause is unknown, although it is suspected that the influence of shorter days and changing light conditions might be responsible. Most of those affected, however, notice that their hair starts to fall out at in early autumn, and really picks up during the winter months.

As an immediate consequence, the hair switches from the growth phase (anagen phase) to the rest phase (telogen phase), normal phases in hair growth that follow a regular cycle of growth and hair loss.

These are normal phases in hair growth that closely follows a periodic cycle of regrowth and loss.

Reduced daylight results in a premature transition of part of the hair to the telogen phase. These telogen hairs are now only loosely sitting in the scalp and drop out due by combing, hair washing or by hair growing in (anagen phase). Frequently, there is a similar interaction of hormones and sun exposure in the spring. That explains seasonal hair loss.

How can Thymuskin help?

Hair loss does not cause any problems, if it grows back well. Nevertheless, growth disorders are becoming increasingly frequent. The hair regrows irregularly, sparsely, only sporadically or diffusely.

Preventively, use Thymuskin to strengthen your hair roots. In all other cases, Thymuskin's effect manifests primarily in the hair cell activation (keratinocytes), which decisively influences the growth of the hair, it stimulates the hair production.


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