Questions & answers

Here we give you answers to frequently asked questions about hair loss.

Am I affected by hair loss? How can I tell if Thymuskin will work for me?

Often, subjective perception of how much hair loss has actually occurred differs from the objective result.

As a woman with thin, dry hair which falls out when I wash it, I would like to have a perm. Will a perm damage my hair?

You should strictly only consider having a perm when your hair is healthy. If your hair is already damaged, a perm can only make this condition worse.

Can I blow dry my hair after using Thymuskin Serum?

You should refrain from using your hairdryer immediately after applying Thymuskin Serum.

Can I combine Thymuskin with other substances to combat hair loss and thus eliminate my hair loss faster?

In principle there are no objections to such a combination and it is ultimately a question of your wallet. However we would advise you to leave a sufficient interval of time between the different applications.

Can I have my hair highlighted despite using Thymuskin?

Yes, of course, that is not a problem at all.

Can Thymuskin cure hereditary hair loss?

No, hereditary hair loss is not curable, because as the name says it is inherited. This means that Thymuskin has to be used repeatedly, with breaks.

Can Thymuskin Serum also be used on dry hair?

Thymuskin Serum can also be used very effectively on dry hair: to do so, part the hair carefully, apply Thymuskin Serum directly to the scalp and massage in carefully.

Does colouring damage the hair?

Colouring does not cause hair loss in principle, but you should be aware that in any case it is a major invasion of the hair structure.

How can I best carry out the Thymuskin hair count test to monitor the decline in my hair loss?

Our subjective perception of how much hair is actually falling out is often different to the objective finding.

I am only 20 and I can already see the first signs of a receding hairline. What can I do to prevent this?

Genetically determined hair loss can start early. In men it typically starts with the progression of a receding hairline, while women notice it as their hair becomes thinner in the area of their parting.

I do not have any hair loss, but over time my hair is getting constantly thinner. Can Thymuskin help me here?

Yes, Thymuskin can prevent the progress of thinning hair, preserve the existing hair and stimulate new hair growth by activating the follicles.

I have been suffering from hair loss for some time, and my scalp is itchy and flaky. Can I still use Thymuskin?

You are possibly suffering from eczema of the scalp, which definitely needs to be treated before you use Thymuskin.

I have been using Thymuskin for some time, but because my hair is very fine I need a styling mousse and hairspray. Can I use both of these, too?

Yes, that is not a problem because they are finishing products which are used after the Thymuskin Serum has been applied.

I have had major hair loss since the birth of my child. Can Thymuskin help me?

So-called postpartum effluvium occurs after giving birth and the cause is hormonal. After you have given birth, your oestrogen level falls and as a consequence hairs increasingly remain in the so-called resting phase of the hair cycle, and fall out 3 months later.

I have just been on a diet and lost some weight, but I am now suffering from substantial hair loss. What can I do?

Thymuskin can help very well here. As a result of your diet your entire organism has become confused, and unfortunately the roots of your hair are suffering from this too.

I have slight hair loss; is Thymuskin Shampoo sufficient here?

All the studies of the effectiveness of Thymuskin have been carried out strictly with combined use of Thymuskin Shampoo and Serum.

I have to undergo chemotherapy; can Thymuskin protect me against hair loss?

Thymuskin can prevent hair loss in cases of slight to moderate chemotherapy.

I suffer from increased hair loss every spring, which usually lasts until summer. Can I do something to prevent this with Thymuskin?

This so-called temporary hair loss, which is mostly observed in women and is referred to by specialists as chronic telegen effluvium, can be treated very effectively with Thymuskin.

Is it true that egg white or beer is good for my hair?

If you have already tried beer as a rinse conditioner it's well worth noting that egg white and beer only have a positive influence on the hair shaft by making hair that has already been washed silkier and improving its shine.

Is it true that wearing a cap can result in hair loss? Does stress cause hair loss?

Researchers discovered long ago that stress is not a purely emotional problem, but instead has a direct impact on our physical health.

Is there a remedy that makes the hair grow faster - I have no problems with hair loss or similar diseases?

The growth rate and duration of the hair is regionally different, genetically determined and amounts to about 0.34 mm per day.

Is Thymuskin suitable for use in children and during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

In particular, the products in the Thymuskin Med line have been tested and found to be safe for use in children, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What can I do about dull, brittle and lacklustre hair?

We have obtained good results here with Thymuskin Forte Shampoo.

What causes hair loss in men?

Men are most often affected by hereditary hair loss: the hair follicles react to DHT, a by-product of the male sex hormone testosterone, with a hypersensitivity.

What causes hair loss in women?

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of hair loss is becoming increasingly prevalent among women. If hair suddenly starts falling out in tufts, this is known as diffuse hair loss.

Where can I buy Thymuskin?

Over the counter throughout Germany, in all pharmacies, and from selected hairdressers.

Why are there so many different Thymuskin products and how do I find my way around them?

Thymuskin is the only hair loss remedy in the world which takes account not only of the different degrees of hair loss, but also the individual condition of the hair and scalp, because everyone is different!

Why do you need to wash your hair beforehand with Thymuskin Shampoo before applying the Thymuskin Serum?

Firstly because Thymuskin Shampoo prepares your scalp ideally for the Thymuskin Serum.

With whom does Thymuskin work better, men or women?

There are no gender-specific differences in the effect of Thymuskin. However, women usually do better in our studies.

You recommend washing your hair every time before using Thymuskin Serum. But then I am afraid that I will lose even more hair while washing my hair. Can I wash my hair less often, too?

Washing your hair does not cause any increase in hair loss. The hair which falls out would have been lost sooner or later anyway.