Thymuskin stops hair loss1 and activates new hair growth

• High effectiveness2

• No side effects3

• ph value skin-friendly

1 not due to illness

High effectiveness - clinically tested

Numerous studies show that thymic peptides have a regenerating and strengthening effect on the hair follicles - and can stop hair loss.

The positive effect of Thymuskin has been convincingly confirmed many times at dermatological and university clinics:

  • Academic teaching hospital of the universities of Frankfurt and Heidelberg
  • City Hospital Vienna-Lainz, Austria
  • Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg
  • Muenster University
  • Hanover Medical Academy
  • I. Medical Clinic and Polyclinic at the "Klinikum rechts der Isar" of the TU Munich (1988)
  • German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg
  • University of Dermatology Milano, Italy

Clinical studies available to health care professionals on request (

Care with THYMUSKIN®

The patented active ingredient complex GKL-02 contained in Thymuskin consists of non-animal thymic peptides.

The biological activity of Thymuskin is particularly evident in the activation of the hair cells (keratinocytes), which have a decisive influence on the growth of the hair. Hair formation is stimulated.

Cosmetic tolerance

Thymuskin is free from any undesirable side effects.

In addition to the thymic peptide active ingredient GKL-02, Thymuskin contains additional care substances for skin and hair.

Thymuskin is suitable for long-term use - for healthy and naturally growing hair.

The Thymuskin serums of the Classic, Med and Forte lines have been dermatologically tested on humans by the Dermatest research institute under specialist medical supervision and have passed these tests with "excellent".

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Using Thymuskin is very easy.

Wash your hair with Thymuskin Shampoo and leave it to take effect for a short time. After rinsing, dry your hair as usual. Then part your hair and apply the scalp serum selectively.

  1. wash hair with Thymuskin Shampoo
  2. part hairs and massage Thymuskin Serum into the scalp

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