Circular hair loss

The hair growth disorder is characterized by distinct, progressive bald spots that can spread over the entire head.

Other progression forms can result in total loss of all body hair (Alopecia totalis).

The exact causes are still unclear. However, it is generally assumed that the immune system reacts to its own hair roots.

Alopecia Areata Mann / Male

Alopecia Areata Haarausfall Verlauf Mann / Circular hair loss progression man

Typical progression

Circular bald spots are formed, which gradually spread out. In some cases there is a loss of the entire hair on the head.

Causes of circular hair loss

Unfortunately, little is known about the causes of circular hair loss (alopecia areata). Scientists assume that it is a disorder of the immune system. For reasons that have not yet been explained, the body's defence system is directed against its own hair follicles (hair roots). This leads to an inflammatory reaction and subsequently to hair loss as well as to a further impediment of hair growth.

There are indications of various triggers. Genetic backgrounds or allergic diseases could play a role. The occurrence of alopecia areata is frequently observed in these contexts. Stress could also play a role as a trigger, although this has not yet been proven.

Regenerative Care with THYMUSKIN®

Before using Thymuskin4

After using Thymuskin4

Before using Thymuskin4

After using Thymuskin4

Thymic peptide technology

The patented active ingredient complex GKL-02 contained in Thymuskin consists of non-animal thymic peptides.

The biological activity of Thymuskin is particularly evident in the activation of the hair cells (keratinocytes), which have a decisive influence on the growth of the hair. Hair formation is stimulated.


In the case of round patches of hair loss, we recommend using Thymuskin Med Serum Gel and the Thymuskin Shampoo best suited to your hair type. Use for at least 6 months and for baldness for 12-24 months.

The Thymuskin Med Serum Gel was specifically developed for care of severe hair loss as well as for sensitive and dry scalp.

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Frau mit Zopf / Woman with braid

These regenerative processes take time and the positive effect always depends on the personal predisposition, i.e. the personal investment of the affected person.

Many Thymuskin users are Alopecia Areata sufferers and very satisfied. You will also find some reports on this in the customer voices.

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