Tearing your hair out – How stress and worry are involved in hair loss

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How stress and worry are involved in hair loss

Researchers have known for a long time that stress is not merely an emotional problem, but has a direct effect on our physical health too. Since then it has been found that even hair and scalp are sensitive to excessive pressure and worry. Even if it is often thought of as decorative, hair is not just a fashion accessory that we can choose to wear or not according to our mood, but a part of our body that can be the result of healthy or unhealthy living.

The roots – the critical foundation

Ideally, each individual hair is securely anchored by its root in the scalp and stays there for about seven years. The root is in turn surrounded by a sheath containing nerves, the follicle. If we are placed under stress, our nervous system secretes chemical messengers that switch the body to a state of alert. In the worst case, these chemical messengers can affect the follicles to such an extent that they become inflamed, causing the hair to become loose at the end and fall out.

Avoiding stress and upset

When we become stressed, we often don't realise until it's too late and we have already started to feel the symptoms as physical effects. It is better not to let it get so far. Look out for yourself: Are there typical situations that make you feel uncomfortable? Do things sometimes get too much for you? Does it make your hair stand on end? You can take that literally: it's a sign warning you to take it easy! Slow your day down by allowing time between appointments and tasks.

If your usual relaxation methods don't work, try doing the opposite. Some people unwind better when they exercise. Exercise in the fresh air also improves oxygen supply and strengthens the immune system.

Night-time is for sleeping

Tasks and problems pushed aside during the day tend to reappear during sleep if our attention and concentration are not quite "on guard". Unfortunately, sleep at night is the most important regeneration phase for our body – and for our hair too, of course! So, put aside a little time for yourself right at the end of the day, to finish the day in peace and to get in the right mood for the night. How about a little pampering in the evening, for example?

You could also treat your hair to a suitable care product at the same time and do yourself some good all over! Relax and enjoy!