Margit S., 53 Jahre, Geheimratsecken und schütteres Haar

*Hello, dear curious, skeptical or users of Thymuskin!

In principle, I am always very careful when I read such "field reports" on the Internet. "Is this real?", I usually ask myself...

Now I'm sitting "on the other side", namely that of the writer: I type with a clear conscience and would be happy if others who are concerned with hair loss could be helped, because - a few years ago I felt the same way! ...

*My name is Margit S. and I would like to tell you about my "hairy days".

*Today I am 53 years young - and 5-10 years ago I felt too young to walk around with "receding hairline" or hair that was getting thinner and thinner! When I washed my hair a lot of hair fell out at some times, afterwards I went on with blow-drying with round brushes, but most of the time I was still alive!

*But which tablets, shampoo or remedies are appropriate?

*I went to the dermatologist, browsed the internet, carefully read pharmacy magazines, picked up articles here and there...

*Yes, I had also tried some of these tablets, shampoos and remedies, which promised new and improved hair growth, but without significant success.

*One day I came across Thymuskin Shampoo, which I bought from a pharmacy. I used it for some time, and was very satisfied, because the hair wash was quick, I only needed a very small amount of shampoo, the foaming happened in a short time, the application time was extremely "compatible", the fragrance was pleasant and I got really shiny hair!

But at that time the pressure of suffering was probably not so great and I wanted to save money, I thought that other shampoos and tablets would do the same ...

*However, the hair loss caught up with me a few years ago - and I still remembered "my" beloved Thymuskin. All right, so I started looking for a cheaper way to get this valuable shampoo, called the company, asked for a stock sale - or offers that actually existed and still exist!

At that time I was also offered to participate in a study. I found this interesting and started to count my hair while washing it, to observe me closely, which could be the reason for my "hairy times". We discussed together, I was allowed to try out all the products that were decisive for me - and I counted, counted, ... even over a much longer period of time, because I have become curious myself in the meantime, whether the hair growth will improve in the long run.

*For some time I used Med Serum Gel in parallel with Shampoo Classic, which I applied regularly, at that time daily, to dry or towel-dried scalps and massaged it into the scalp with my fingertips as instructed. I treated the entire scalp to not only get rid of the receding hairline, but also to get the hair growth in general going again. After a short time, the itchy scalp was calmed down and the hair in general increased in volume within a few weeks! In the meantime, I use the gel only sporadically (it is very economical in use), but I would use it again immediately for daily use if there were any signs of longer lasting hair loss. I trust in it!

*So I have become a permanent user of Thymuskin! I am so - very - satisfied! I only need to wash my hair once a week, and I currently like to use the balm with it, which makes my hair beautifully smooth and the scalp loves itching (I used to get rid of it when the air was dry and then.). The properties of the shampoo, as described above, have remained constant all these years: Easy to use, fast and pleasant foaming like washing out, hair with a good grip and shine - just the way you love it!

*My hairdresser mentioned during the last haircut again the noticeable shine in the hair and the fullness. If hair loss occurs - please don't be alarmed, there have already been over 600 hairs in the bath, not to mention the hairs in the brushes when blow-drying - I'm not worried because I know that Thymuskin supports my scalp and hair in the best possible way. Very soon, this time conspicuously even before the severe hair loss began, hundreds of new, fine hairs can be seen at the roots!

*I would therefore recommend Thymuskin to all those who want to do something good for their hair and scalp, or who have noticed with concern that new hair is sprouting less or that there are even bald patches! The quicker you act, the better permanent hair loss can be prevented!

Finally, I would like to give you the impression that all the hairs on our head are counted! This sentence can be found in the Bible in Luke 12, verse 7, which means that nothing should worry us - even if we lose a lot of hair (sometimes).

*From time to time our Creator gives us practical support, for example in the form of good hair and scalp care products!

*I am sure that the Vita-Cos-Med Klett-Loch GmbH has happy and satisfied users of its products - and I wish them all the same!

Even so I wish the inventors and developers joy in their work and many grateful customers!

*And I wish everyone who reads this God's rich blessing!

M. S. "