Male, thinning hair, androgenetic (hereditary)

Männlicher Haarausfall / Thinning hair man


»The hair on my head is becoming thinner and thinner, although I no longer find any hairs in the sink after washing my hair. What advice can you give me?«


Typical androgenetic (hereditary) hair loss is not necessarily associated with acute loss of hair, that is, the hair falls out over time and not all at once or in clumps. Then one day you look in the mirror and notice the typical receding hairline and the scalp shining through.

Thymuskin offers different preparations with different doses of active ingredient. Since you are not currently suffering from acute hair loss, we recommend long-term use of Thymuskin Classic Shampoo and Serum in combination to stop the process and maintain hair status. New hair growth depends on the degree of follicle shrinkage: the more advanced, the thinner the regrowing hair. In any case, patience and frequent application is required here.