Care Tips: Keep Your Hair Looking Great in Summer

Frau im Sommer / Woman in summer

Summer’s finally here! Memorial Day today officially heralds the beginning of the summer in the USA. So there’s nothing to stop you enjoying relaxing afternoon’s sunbathing, taking a dip in a cool pool, or building sandcastles by the sea. It would seem. But don’t let your hair get forgotten as you’re enjoying your summer fun: summer sun, chlorine, sea salt, and sand can severely damage the structure of your hair and leave you with flyaway frizz on the beach or at a pool party instead of the beach waves you were going for. Does that mean you have to miss out on all the fun? Definitely not!

We have the care tips you need to ensure that your luscious locks can withstand all the exertions of the summer.

Careful of Chlorinated or Salty Water

However wonderful it feels to slip into the cool water after long sunbathe, if you want to protect your summer mane you should shower before and after splashing around. If your hair is already wet then it won’t be able to absorb so much chlorinated or salty water, otherwise it can end up drying out, losing its shine and even breaking. And also, it’s more hygienic if you’re sharing the pool with other tanning oil fiends.

The same goes after swimming, as the damaging chlorine and salt stays in your hair and absorbs moisture like blotting paper: so do your hair a favor and shower straight away afterwards, don’t put it off until the evening. You can also help by rinsing or using a care shampoo. Hair care ensures that your summer waves stay silky smooth.

Give your Hairdryer a Miss

Leave your hairdryer in the closet and use the benefits of the warm summer air to dry your hair. That sounds wonderful, but it comes with one disadvantage: your hair gets messed up by gusts of summer wind and is hard to untangle. Our tip: use a wide tooth comb and be gentle, as a day of sunshine will have already taken its toll on your hair and it will break easily.

The wind in your hair also quickly leaves it brittle. There’s a very simple solution to put a stop to this hairy issue – a simple braid or a bun will keep the wind at bay. Our tip: keep your hair out of your eyes during the day with these practical hairstyles, then take the hairpins and hairband out before your evening beach party and you’ll be left with wonderful summer waves. Fix these in place with a touch of hairspray and your perfect beach party hairstyle is complete.

One more thing: never use hairbands with metal joins, and don’t tie your ponytail too tightly as this will damage the structure of your hair and can at worst cause it to split.

Colored Hair Needs Lots of Care

Colored hair is vulnerable to external influences, so needs particular care. Look after your hair with an intensive conditioner and strengthen the roots with a nourishing serum: you should ideally apply this before you go to bed and wrap your hair in a towel, allowing the active ingredients to do their work overnight. This regulates your scalp’s oil content and protects it against damaging environmental influences.

One tip: heading to the hairdresser for a touch-up to your dye job before you go on holiday is a waste of time and effort, as your days of sunshine and sea can very quickly leave freshly dyed hair looking faded or washed out. If your ego can take it, you are best off wearing a bathing cap whilst swimming.

Headgear of any kind is an opportunity to protect your hair and sensitive scalp area from the dangers of the sun’s rays. If you have pale hair and skin in particular, you will probably soon end up developing unpleasant sunburn. Take advantage of this opportunity to go shopping and pick up a stylish hat, cap, or scarf.

Sun Protection From Within

The right nutrition can also help to give your hair summer resistance from within. Enjoy fruit and vegetables that contain a lot of vitamin C, and fish and cereal products also help to keep your hair fit for the summer. It’s also particularly important that you remember to keep drinking! Adults need at least 1.5 to 2 liters of liquid per day, and this number goes up during the summer or if you are doing sport.

Avoid coffee, sweet drinks, and alcohol, and pack your beach bag with mineral water, herbal and fruit tea, or weak fruit juice drinks instead.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you will be able to relax and enjoy the summer. We wish you a fantastic start to the summer season and many wonderful hours in the sun, on the beach, or in the pool – and of course, with perfectly well-groomed summer locks.