Hair loss through chemo­therapy

Hair loss through chemotherapy, also called Alopecia Medicamentosa. The cytostatic drugs administered during chemotherapy result in the loss of head hair (mostly reversible).

Haarausfall Frau Chemotherapie / Hair loss woman chemotherapy

he progression in this case largely depends on the substances used, the dosage, and treatment duration. Cytostatic drugs are a group of drugs used to inhibit cell growth, but with a side effect that affects the activity of hair follicles. Normally, the hair grows back approximately 3 months after completion of the chemotherapy, but there have increasingly been cases of persistent hair growth disorder.

  • Thymuskin activates and nourishes the hair follicle.
  • Thymuskin stimulates lymphocyte division.
  • Thymuskin increases cell vitality of keratinocytes.
  • The thymic peptide active ingredient GKL-02 acts as a direct modulator of hair growth.
  • The accompanying care with Thymuskin accelerates the regeneration process and supports new, even and healthy hair growth.

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Thymuskin Forte is particularly suitable for the regenerative care of hair loss due to chemotherapy.

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Thymuskin FORTE Shampoo & Serum

Today, however, stronger chemotherapies are predominantly used, so that hair loss can often not be avoided. As a result, growth disorders are becoming more frequent. The hair grows irregularly, only in places or diffusely. Many patients suffer from growth disorders even years after chemotherapy.

The accompanying care with Thymuskin accelerates the regeneration process and supports sustainable, even and natural hair growth.

Haarausfall nach Chemotherapie Verlauf Mann / Hair loss through chemotherapy progression man

Typical progression

In most cases, total hair loss is experienced approximately 3-5 weeks after the first chemotherapy. However, milder courses are ideally characterized by moderate hair loss.

Course with THYMUSKIN® application

6-month chemotherapy for breast cancer (mamma carcinoma). Start of care with Thymuskin Forte Shampoo & Serum 6 weeks after start with chemotherapy. New hair regrowth already visible during chemotherapy after 5 month.

Haarausfall in Folge einer Chemotherapie / Hair loss through chemotherapy

Complete hair loss 1 month after starting chemotherapy.

Start Thymuskin application 6 weeks after beginning.5

Haarausfall nach Chemo und 6 Wochen Behandlung mit Thymuskin / Hair loss after chemo and 6 weeks with Thymuskin

Significant hair growth 4 weeks after end of chemotherapy.5

Haarausfall nach Chemo und 2 Monaten Behandlung mit Thymuskin / Hair loss after chemo and 2 months with Thymuskin

Further increasing growth of hair 2 month after end of chemotherapy.

Care with THYMUSKIN®

The patented active ingredient complex GKL-02 contained in Thymuskin consists of non-animal thymic peptides.

The biological activity of Thymuskin is particularly evident in the activation of the hair cells (keratinocytes), which have a decisive influence on the growth of the hair. Hair formation is stimulated.


In the case of baldness or with cases where only a few patches of hair are left, we recommend using Thymuskin Classic Shampoo in combination with Thymuskin Forte Serum Gel.

Thymuskin Classic Shampoo & Serum for universal use are also suitable for preventive use or in the case of low-dose chemotherapy.

Use until the hair has regrown evenly and in its natural structure.

Bald areas should also be cleaned and prepared with Thymuskin Shampoo before using Thymuskin Serum.

Frau mit Zopf / Woman with braid

The psychological effect is still often underestimated today.

There is a growing number of affected women, especially in breast cancer. You can also find some reports on this in the customer voices.

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