Questions & Answers

What causes hair loss in women?

What causes hair loss in men?

Am I affected by hair loss? How can I tell if Thymuskin will work for me?

Where can I buy Thymuskin?

Is it true that wearing a cap can result in hair loss? Does stress cause hair loss?

Does colouring damage the hair?

Is it true that egg white or beer is good for my hair?

As a woman with thin, dry hair which falls out when I wash it, I would like to have a perm. Will a perm damage my hair?

As a woman I suffer from a scalp which gets greasy very quickly, which means I have to wash my hair every day. What can I do to prevent this?

I do not have any hair loss, but over time my hair is getting constantly thinner. Can Thymuskin help me here?

What can I do about dull, brittle and lacklustre hair?

I suffer from increased hair loss every spring, which usually lasts until summer. Can I do something to prevent this with Thymuskin?

I am only 20 and I can already see the first signs of a receding hairline. What can I do to prevent this?

Can Thymuskin cure hereditary hair loss?

I have been using Thymuskin for some time, but because my hair is very fine I need a styling mousse and hairspray. Can I use both of these, too?

Why do you need to wash your hair beforehand with Thymuskin Shampoo before applying the Thymuskin Serum?

Can I have my hair highlighted despite using Thymuskin?

I have slight hair loss; is Thymuskin Shampoo sufficient here?

Ideally at what time of day should I use the Thymuskin products?

You recommend washing your hair every time before using Thymuskin Serum. But then I am afraid that I will lose even more hair while washing my hair. Can I wash my hair less often, too?

Can I blow dry my hair after using Thymuskin Serum?

Can Thymuskin Serum also be used on dry hair?

I have just been on a diet and lost some weight, but I am now suffering from substantial hair loss. What can I do?

I have had major hair loss since the birth of my child. Can Thymuskin help me?

How can I best carry out the Thymuskin hair count test to monitor the decline in my hair loss?

Why are there so many different Thymuskin products and how do I find my way around them?

I have to undergo chemotherapy; can Thymuskin protect me against hair loss?

I have been suffering from hair loss for some time, and my scalp is itchy and flaky. Can I still use Thymuskin?

Can I combine Thymuskin with other substances to combat hair loss and thus eliminate my hair loss faster?

With whom does Thymuskin work better, men or women?

Do Thymrevit capsules contain animal ingredients?

The leaflet in the pack states that Thymrevit capsules should be taken half an hour before breakfast. I can’t manage that; is an hour before breakfast alright, too?

I also take other medication in the morning; how should I ideally use Thymrevit?

I never eat breakfast. Can I take Thymrevit despite this, because the capsules are supposed to be taken before breakfast?

Can I also take Thymrevit capsules in the evening?

I am currently receiving chemotherapy. Can I also use Thymrevit capsules during chemotherapy?

I am often tired and run down; can Thymrevit help me?

I am suffering from burnout. Would Thymrevit make sense here?

I would like to support my immune system during the typical periods for catching colds in spring and late autumn. Would Thymrevit make sense here?

Will my health insurance company reimburse me for the costs of Thymrevit?

Does Thymrevit have side effects?

Where can I buy Thymrevit?

How does Phytoskin day cream differ from the night cream?

I often have an itchy scalp and small pustules on my head. Can I use Phytoskin here and if so, which products?

I have to use a cream containing cortisone for my psoriasis. Can I still use Phytoskin as well, or will this cause problems?

Why are the Phytoskin creams and tinctures dark brown in colour?

How often should I use Phytoskin products every day? Thanks to Phytoskin the itching disappears quickly but sometimes comes back again later.

I have a very sensitive scalp which often feels itchy or burns slightly. Can I use Phytoskin Scalp Tincture on it?

Why do Phytoskin creams leave a white film when you apply them?