How can I best carry out the Thymuskin hair count test to monitor the decline in my hair loss?

Our subjective perception of how much hair is actually falling out is often different to the objective finding.

The hair count test that has been developed can help here, and it is very easy to do:

  1. Wash your hair over a closed wash basin on a set day of the week (which you then stick to).
  2. Pull out any hairs in the washbasin using a comb, for example, and place them onto a tissue or something similar.
  3. Then count the hairs and enter the number in your Thymuskin hair passport or a table. The time of the first wash is called TO.
  4. Now carry out the hair count test again every week on the specified day. In this way you can monitor the progress of your hair loss and the success of Thymuskin.
  5. Very important: please stick to your normal hair washing rhythm without fail!